Print Design Work

A collection of some of the business cards, flyers, t-shirts, signs, CD covers, and other printed items I have designed.

Business Card, Hat, T-Shirt, And Sign Designs For The Helping Hand: 

I also designed the logo for The Helping Hand along with a Facebook cover and service area map. Click here to learn more about the design process and see all the things I designed for them.

Flyer Designs For Karen’s Kause Fall Festival: 

I also designed 5 different Facebook covers and almost a dozen ad images for this event. You can see them in my collection of Digital Advertising And Website Design Work.

Business Card, T-shirt, And Brochure Design For Finigan’s Construction: 

I also designed the logo and a yard sign for Finigan’s Construction. Click here to learn more about the design process for the logo and see the design for the yard sign.

Invoice, Business Card, Flyers, And Funding Request Document For D&L Home Maintenance & Repair: 

I also designed the D&L Home Maintenance & Repair logo and website, created a bid sheet and checklist for them, and researched everything required for the funding request document and helped them create the business plan for it in addition to writing and designing it for them! Click here to see everything I have created for D&L Home Maintenance & Repair.

Custom Birthday Party Invitation Design: 

Custom Birthday Party Invitation Design

(Information changed to protect client’s privacy.)

E-Book Guides And Worksheet Designs: 

These are products you must purchase or sign up for so I cannot display the full versions here but the ad for the Business Clarity Power Pack gives you a peek at the designs.

Business Card Concepts For Food Junkie: 

Business Card Designs For The Headologist: 

I also created the website header image for this project. Click here to see it along with the original concepts for these business card designs.

Flyer Designs For Lynda Evans:

CD Cover Designs, Business Card Design, Greeting Card Design, And Flyer Designs For Bishop Studio Productionz:

I also designed the Bishop Studio Productionz website, Facebook cover image, and many promotional images for sharing on social media. You can see these in my collection of Digital Advertising And Website Design Work.

International Arts Festival Poster Designs:

These designs were for a student project on redesigning a poster. Click here to see the original poster and learn more about the design process for my redesigns.

Some Of My Old Business Card Designs:

These business cards were created to match some of my old website designs. You can see the websites in my collection of Digital Advertising And Website Design Work.

Shirts, Business Cards, And Stationary Designs For Triven Remodeling: 

I also designed the Triven Remodeling logo. Click here to learn about the design process for their logo.

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Logo Design Work

Digital Advertising, Social Media Images, And Website Design Work