Website Home Page Designs For rtCamp

rtCamp asked me to redesign their website home page. They wanted a minimal design that highlighted the company colors and used typography to give the design a storytelling feel.

I ended up creating 3 designs for them to choose from.

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Brand Identity Design For Triven Remodeling

At first the owners of Triven Remodeling weren’t sure what they wanted for their logo other than wanting it to be simple but catchy. So I started out by creating concepts based on their business name. The name Triven is a combination of the owners’ favorite numbers – “Tri” = three and “ven” comes from seven. 

logo concepts

These are the concepts I thought were the best: 

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Brand Identity Design For The Helping Hand

The Helping Hand is a handyman service. They fix things, do small remodeling and painting projects, and offer landscaping/lawn maintenance services. 

(This brand identity design is actually a redesign – if you’re interested you can see the original logo, business cards, and flyer I created for them way back in 2012 in this post on my old blog.) 

For their new brand identity, the owner wanted something casual and friendly that matched the company name. The idea was to use a handprint – as if someone had gotten paint all over their hand and used that to mark the company materials. 

Fun Fact: Their very first company t-shirts were created using that exact method! 

So I started experimenting with different variations of that idea:

logo concepts

We selected this version as the final design because it emphasized the casual and friendly nature of the company: 

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Brand Identity Design For Finigan’s Construction

At first, Finigan’s Construction came to me for a logo design and business cards. The owner wanted something that would reflect the his Irish heritage and help the company stand out from other construction and remodeling companies. 

We discussed several options: 

And the owner selected the one he liked best: 

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Brand Identity Design For D&L Home Maintenance & Repair

The owners of D&L Home Maintenance & Repair originally came to me wanting a logo and business cards. They wanted something simple and professional to reflect their dedication to providing high quality work for an affordable price. 

I chose a serif typeface to reflect seriousness and professionalism and then created a simple single color logo using their initials.

After the owners approved the logo design I went to work on creating their business cards.

I also created bid and invoice templates for them to use until they started using invoicing and accounting software, and a checklist of common items/client requests that they could use while examining potential jobs to create a bid or while working to keep track of what was completed and what still needed to be done. 

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Logo Design For Kristina’s Kardz

Kristina Phillips creates personalized handmade greetings cards and wanted a logo to use for her website and social media profiles. After reviewing her answers to the logo design questionnaire I started sketching ideas. 

Kristina liked the designs that highlighted the Ks and featured outlines of cards the most. 

Our next step was choosing typefaces. We looked at script and handwriting style typefaces for Kristina to emphasise creativity and personalization and debated between a fun and creative typeface or a more plain and professional typeface for Kardz. 

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Student Project: Logo Redesigns

When I was studying graphic design one of the projects I worked on was to take some existing logos and improve or redesign them.

I selected 6 logos for this project.

On the left is the original logo and on the right is my update or redesign of that logo.

logo redesign

The original American Construction logo looks more like a business card than a logo and the Comic Sans style typeface seems a bit too casual for a construction company. 

For my redesign I kept the idea of incorporating an American flag in the design but chose to update the typeface to a more bold and professional looking one. Selecting a thick sans serif typeface allowed me to incorporate the American flag theme by putting it INSIDE the text itself.

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Logo Design For Rise Against Bullying

Rise Against Bullying is a campaign started by Justin Preston to raise awareness about the prevalence and harm of bullying in all forms and to provide support and advice to anyone suffering from this awful problem.

In 2012, not long after Justin started the campaign, I came across his tweet about needing someone to create a logo for it. After taking a look at his Twitter feed and the Rise Against Bullying Facebook page I decided to help this good cause and make them a logo.

Here are the very first concepts I sent to Justin: 

logo concepts

He liked the third one the best and asked if I could maybe incorporate a heart into the design. He wanted it to be made out of words like the speech bubble in this ad for Kids Help Phone (an organization that Justin has done lots of promotion and fundraising for over the years):

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Logo Design For Nour Haytham

Nour Haytham is a physical therapist who wanted a logo for her practice. She wanted something serious and professional but also elegant and pretty that would represent health and well being.

After reviewing her answers to the logo design questionnaire, asking her a few more questions, and doing a bit of research, I started sketching ideas. Nour circled her favorite ideas and asked if I could combine them. 

Logo design sketches

I thought that combining all three might be a bit much, and since the Caduceus and Rod of Asclepius are such commonly used medical symbols, I chose to combine only the other two ideas instead.

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