Student Project: International Arts Festival Poster Redesign

When I was studying graphic design one of the projects I worked on was redesigning a poster. This is the project brief I recieved: 

“This poster design should communicate that the festival is about all the arts, not just dancing, and that it is international. No size specified. No specific fonts or colors specified. Include a quote about the arts by someone famous.”

This is the original poster that I needed to redesign:

For my redesign I choose to use the colors yellow, orange, and blue. Yellow and orange are associated with happiness and creativity. Blue is a more neutral and relaxing color that helps contrast the energy of the yellow and orange.

I read through pages and pages of quotes about art, music, and writing by famous people, but there were very few that were not clearly referring to a specific art. I finally settled on “Art is not a thing. It is a way.” which is attributed to Elbert Hubbard.


Like many creative people, I often look back at my earlier work and see ways to improve it.

In this new version the important text is more easily read from a distance, the variety of arts at the festival is represented a bit better, and it communicates the information without being too cluttered.

I also looked for more quotes and added the quote “Art comes from everywhere.” which is attributed to Damien Hirst.

Do you like this design?

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