Brand Identity Design For Triven Remodeling

At first the owners of Triven Remodeling weren’t sure what they wanted for their logo other than wanting it to be simple but catchy. So I started out by creating concepts based on their business name. The name Triven is a combination of the owners’ favorite numbers – “Tri” = three and “ven” comes from seven. 

logo concepts

These are the concepts I thought were the best: 

Image may contain: typography

The owners asked for some time to think about it while they tended to other aspects of setting up their business. During this time they ended up buying a tractor for land clearing work and coming up with a tagline – “Do What Drives You”.

They also decided they wanted a simpler logo that had more of a serious look and feel rather than the innovative/creative direction I had been going in. 

They sent me two examples of logos they had created on a free logo maker site that they liked and told me they wanted to use the color green and possibly include a tractor to emphasise the new land clearing aspect of their business. 

So I started brainstorming ideas based off of the concepts they had sent me and trying to figure out how to include a tractor and their tagline in the design. 

After experimenting with a LOT of different concepts, we eventually arrived at the final logo design: 

Triven Remodeling Logo

The put their new logo on hats and several different styles of shirts:

And are considering investing in branded stationary and business cards:

Triven Remodeling Stationary

Do you like this brand identity design?

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