Logo Design For The Creativity Rebellion

Delisa Carnegie is an artist, knitter, yarn dyer, soap maker, and all around creative person. For several years she ran a website called The Creativity Rebellion which encouraged people to break out of the “hive mind” mindset, get in touch with their creativity, find their passion(s), and start enjoying their lives instead of living like “zombee” drones. 

Delisa asked me to design a logo for The Creativity Rebellion website. After she filled out a design questionnaire I began brainstorming and sketching ideas. 

logo sketches

After discussing my ideas with Delisa, we decided that a text-based logo would be best because it is both versatile and timeless. It may not be very “creative” but if I designed a logo based on the “hive mind” and “zombee” concepts (even though I thought they were great concepts!), Delisa wouldn’t be able to use the logo if she changed direction. And since she was already questioning whether to keep using those concepts, I wanted to design something that she could keep using no matter what language she used to describe her mission of helping people get in touch with their creativity and start enjoying their lives. 

We began by examining a bunch of different typefaces (fonts) and discussing which ones would best fit the ideas of creativity, passion, enjoyment, and rebellion. Then we slowly narrowed down the selection until we chose the final two. 

After selecting the fonts we discussed the perfect positioning of the words. I presented several options in The Creativity Rebellion’s brand colors of teal and dark purple. Near the end of the discussion I added a spiral (a reference to Delisa’s art studio) which gave the logo that little touch of creativity that it needed. 

Delisa selected this one as the final logo:

The Creativity Rebellion logo

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