Logo Design For Rise Against Bullying

Rise Against Bullying is a campaign started by Justin Preston to raise awareness about the prevalence and harm of bullying in all forms and to provide support and advice to anyone suffering from this awful problem.

In 2012, not long after Justin started the campaign, I came across his tweet about needing someone to create a logo for it. After taking a look at his Twitter feed and the Rise Against Bullying Facebook page I decided to help this good cause and make them a logo.

Here are the very first concepts I sent to Justin: 

logo concepts

He liked the third one the best and asked if I could maybe incorporate a heart into the design. He wanted it to be made out of words like the speech bubble in this ad for Kids Help Phone (an organization that Justin has done lots of promotion and fundraising for over the years):

ad design

He told me that he wanted insults (like fat, stupid, ugly, etc.) at the bottom of the heart and compliments (like talented, smart, pretty, etc.) on the top to symbolize that as we rise up and move past the mean words other people throw at us, things will get better. 

He also asked if I could make the word Bullying slanted at an opposite angle to Against. 

logo text
Rise Against Bullying Logo

He loved the result and asked to see some variations where the words in the heart were made of rainbow colors.

I created one version where only the positive words were rainbow colored – one with the negative words in the same shades of grey as the original design, and one where they were darker – and two versions where all the words were different colors. 

logo variations

Justin liked these concepts but chose to stick to the original design for the final logo. 

This logo design has been mentioned several times as one that clients like. Do you like it too?

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