Logo Design For Kristina’s Kardz

Kristina Phillips creates personalized handmade greetings cards and wanted a logo to use for her website and social media profiles. After reviewing her answers to the logo design questionnaire I started sketching ideas. 

Kristina liked the designs that highlighted the Ks and featured outlines of cards the most. 

Our next step was choosing typefaces. We looked at script and handwriting style typefaces for Kristina to emphasise creativity and personalization and debated between a fun and creative typeface or a more plain and professional typeface for Kardz. 

Once we had narrowed down the typefaces we started looking details like font weight and positioning, which typefaces fit best with the card outlines, and possibly adjusting the swirl in the top K to fill in the card outline more. 

Once we had gotten the positioning of the letters just right, we moved on to color selection. Kristina said she liked both pastel and bold colors and her favorite color was green. 

I thought a light pink or purple would help emphasize the love and care Kristina puts in to making each card and be a nice complement to the shade of green she chose. 

We narrowed it down to 5 choices and discussed which one best fit the brand Kristina wanted to create. 

logo concepts

We decided that pink or purple would be the best fit for Kristina’s because it would emphasise the love and care Kristina puts in to making each card and the lightness of the color would help draw people’s eyes down to the green, giving more attention to the quirkiness of the word Kardz. 

Once we had decided on the colors, I added some effects to give the logo a bit more of a polished look. 

After that I adjusted the swirl in the top K to make it more heart shaped. Here is the adjusted version (right) next to the original version (left).

logo concepts

Then I adjusted the gradient on the top K to draw more attention to the heart shape of the swirls and changed the dots of the “i”s and the apostrophe to hearts as well. 

We compared two different versions of the multiple hearts concept to the plain adjusted swirl version and the original concept. 

logo concepts

We decided that the version with the hearts matching the color of the card outline was the best since it balanced out the color placement and further emphasised the love and care that goes in to personalized handmade cards. 

Here is the final logo design: 


And here is one of Kristina’s handmade cards with what it would look like to have her logo on the back of two different card orientations.

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