Logo Design For IkZie Coaching & Communicatie

Ik zie” is Dutch for “I see” and, as you might’ve guessed, “communicatie” translates to “communications.” The founder of IkZie Coaching & Communicatie (ISee Coaching & Communications), Annelies Pieterse, lives in the Netherlands and discovered me through a tweet by Ellie Di about the design work I did for The Headologist project

She wanted a bright, energetic, and cheerful logo that would make people smile and communicate the idea that IkZie has a clear view of your question or problem, even when you don’t, and your coach will work with you to find a solution. 

She liked the idea of incorporating an eye in the design because of the association with seeing (representing the coach having a clear view of the client’s problem or question) and because her coaching instructor had told her “I know why people love to come to you for a coaching session – it’s because of your eyes!” but she was open to different ideas as well. So I started sketching… 

logo sketches

Even though Annelies worried at first that it might be “too obvious”, we ended up deciding that an eye would be the best fit for a bright, energetic, cheerful logo that would communicate the idea that IkZie has a clear view of your question or problem and hopefully make people smile. 

I presented Annelies with several options for the text part of the logo and then we experimented with different positioning and styles for the eye along with the font choices. 

Then it was time to add color. Since Annelies had been told by her coaching instructor that people come to her because of her eyes, I suggested using her eye colors as inspiration for the logo colors.

eye colors

Here is the final design:

Ikzie Coaching And Communicatie Logo

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