Logo Design For Deacon O’Connor

Deacon O’Connor is a camera operator and a craftsman who wanted a simple logo that he could put on a business card and use for a metal brand to stamp his woodwork and leather crafts.

That’s right, he needed a brand mark for the original form of branding – burning a mark directly on the item!

branding iron

Here is Deacon operating a camera rig:

Deacon O'Connor operating a camera rig

And here is some of Deacon’s woodwork and leather crafts:

For his logo/brand mark Deacon wanted a plain single color logo of his initials, possibly interlocking to make the creation of a metal brand easier and more cost effective, and wasn’t sure whether he wanted to include the apostrophe or not. 

We started with typeface selection. 

font selection

After Deacon selected the ones he liked best we began discussing which ones would best represent his style and personality and which ones would work best for a metal brand. 

A more decorative typeface would be a good choice for his style, since he often adds a unique twist to his projects, but one that is too detailed wouldn’t work very well for a branding iron.

logo options

We narrowed it down to two choices and began looking at different thicknesses for one of them and discussing which one would be best. 

font choices

After selecting a thickness and deciding on the interlocking version, Deacon decided he did want to include the apostrophe. I showed him a few options, one with the apostrophe separate from the initials, and two where it was connected to them. 

logo options

Then we discussed adding a tagline for when he put the logo on business cards. 

font choices

We narrowed it down to two options:

logo options

And after much debate, the final design was chosen: 

DOC Logo

Here is what the logo will look like as a brand mark on wood and leather:

Do you like this logo/brand mark design?

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