Header Image And Business Card Designs For “The Headologist”

Back in 2012 writer Ellie Di Julio started a side project called “The Headologist” where she provided tools, resources, and coaching services to help people work through stuckness, fear, and confusion. and get back to being themselves. 

While setting up the website for The Headologist, Ellie had trouble creating the header image she wanted and became very frustrated. I offered to help. 

Ellie told me she wanted a blank head in profile on each side, facing each other, with a conversation bubble in between them featuring the title and tagline for the site.

After a bit of editing to get the shapes of the heads and the speech bubble just right, I sent Ellie the header image she’d been dreaming of:

After I finished the header, Ellie asked if I could create some business cards too.  She planned to put contact information on one side of the cards and wanted to have a couple different designs for the other side of each card. 

I came up with a few ideas that could be executed in different combinations of The Headologist brand colors of red, white, and black.

Ellie liked the typographic (text-based) designs best and wanted two opposite color versions for each design. 

Here are the final designs:

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