Brand Identity Design For Finigan’s Construction

At first, Finigan’s Construction came to me for a logo design and business cards. The owner wanted something that would reflect the his Irish heritage and help the company stand out from other construction and remodeling companies. 

We discussed several options: 

And the owner selected the one he liked best: 

Image may contain: typography

Then it was time for business cards. The owner wanted the cards to feature his slogan “Once you Fin, you Fin-igan!”

(When said out loud it’s “Once you Fin, you Fin-again!” basically saying that customers come back to Finigan’s Construction every time they need more work done.) 

Finigan's Construction Business Cards

After the business cards were completed, the owner asked me to design a t-shirt and create a single color sign design to help advertise the company. 

Finigan's Construction T-Shirt
yard sign

Then the owner asked me to design a tri-fold brochure for the company. 

Here is the design for the inside fold, back cover, and front cover:

Finigan's Construction Brochure

And here is the design for the interior pages:

Finigan's Construction Brochure

You may notice the logo in the brochure design is slightly different. The logo was updated to reflect the accurate company name. 

Lesson: Always carefully examine your logo and tell your designer if there is any detail that isn’t right! Don’t just say “I love it!” and plaster it all over your company materials because you’re excited and can’t wait to get started. 

Do you like this brand design?

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