Brand Identity Design For D&L Home Maintenance & Repair

The owners of D&L Home Maintenance & Repair originally came to me wanting a logo and business cards. They wanted something simple and professional to reflect their dedication to providing high quality work for an affordable price. 

I chose a serif typeface to reflect seriousness and professionalism and then created a simple single color logo using their initials.

After the owners approved the logo design I went to work on creating their business cards.

I also created bid and invoice templates for them to use until they started using invoicing and accounting software, and a checklist of common items/client requests that they could use while examining potential jobs to create a bid or while working to keep track of what was completed and what still needed to be done. 

Invoice And Business Card Designs For D&L Home Maintenance & Repair

Then they asked me to design some flyers for them. At first they wanted to create seperate flyers for different types of work (the two outer flyers) but then they decided to just print one flyer featuring a variety of work (the middle flyer).

When they decided to apply for a business loan to help grow their business more quickly, they asked me to research and create a business plan and funding request document for them. 

Later they also asked me to set up and design a website for them. 

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